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  • MFD mini Crosswind 1600 Plane
  • New mini Crosswind 1600 Plane. New design for UAV/FPV. Delivered with 2 nose canopies, 2 belly plates. Easy to carry. Get ready to fly in the filed quickly.
  • USD 149.00
  • MFD mini Crossbow AAT
  • MyFlyDream mini Crossbow AAT(Automatic Antenna Tracker) mini Crossbow is a light-weight, robust, new gerneration Antenna Tracker. It supports VBI downlink (supported by MFD AP, MFD Crosshair, TeleFlyPro, TeleFlyTiny...) And Also supports MAVLink V1.0/V
  • USD 159.00
  • MyFlyDream Crossbow AAT
  • MyFlyDream Crossbow AAT Compatible with MFD Crosshair/MFD AP or other any system that supports Mavlink protocol.
  • USD 999.00
  • Landing Gears for mini Crosswind
  • Landing Gears for mini Crosswind. Including: 60mm Rear wheel * 2 Rear landing gear frame * 1 Front Wheel set * 1 17g front-steering servo * 1 Screws/Nuts/Accessories
  • USD 44.00
  • MFD TeleFlyTiny Tracking module
  • MFD TeleFlyTiny Tracking module. This light-weight module encodes necessary information of your plane for tracking purpose. And it transmits the data with your VIDEO signal (VBI technology) or DataRadio (MFD protocol/MAVLink protocol). With this modul
  • USD 25.00
  • MFD Crosswind
  • Shipping Weight: 5700g 97 Units in Stock Manufactured by: MyFlyDream
  • USD 199.00
  • GPS+Compass module for Crossbow
  • GPS+Compass module for Crossbow AAT. With this plug-and-play module you don't need to set home position for your Crossbow AAT. And you can move your tracker and keep tracking even when the plane is flying.
  • USD 89.00
  • Nimbus FPV plane (ARF)
  • MFD Nimbus FPV plane (Almost Ready to Fly) ******* Shipping by EMS ******* Including: All parts of Nimbus FPV plane Servo * 4 2814 Motor Motor (KV510 for 6S battery) * 2
  • USD 319.00
  • FPV Mounting Base for DJI OSMO Pocket
  • FPV Mounting base for DJI OSMO Pocket camera. Full CNC milling with Aluminium material. light weight and robust structure. Easy to mount on your plane. (The DJI OSMO Pocket in the picture is not included)
  • USD 28.00
  • MFD AutomaticAntennaTracker(12CH) Package V5
  • MyFlyDream 12CH AAT Package TeleFlyPro x 1 AATDriver V5 x 1 MyFlyDream Tracker (12CH) x 1 USB Programmer with cable x 1 *NOTICE: Now we supply USB-Data cable instead of Blutooth moudle for AATDriver.
  • USD 320.00
  • Aomway 5.8G 1000mw TX
  • Amoway 5.8G 1000mw 5740-5860/5705-5945HZ 15 Channels DC 9~16V 800mA The best 5.8G video TX tested by MFD
  • USD 79.00
  • MFD AutomaticAntennaTracker(6CH) Package V5
  • MyFlyDream 12CH AAT Package TeleFlyPro x 1 AATDriver V5.0 x 1 MyFlyDream Tracker (12CH) x 1 USB Programmer with cable x 1 *NOTICE: Now we supply USB-Data cable instead of Blutooth moudle for AATDriver.
  • USD 299.00
  • AATDriver V5
  • 58 Units in Stock Manufactured by: MyFlyDream
  • USD 45.00
  • MFD AutoPilot
  • MyFlyDream AutoPilot unit MFD AutoPilot unit x 1 LS20033 GPS x 1 100A Current sensor x 1 Shielded cable set x 1 USB-TTL board for firware update x 1
  • USD 175.00
  • Aomway RX(32 Channels) with DVR
  • Amoway 5.8G RX (5740-5860Hz/5705-5945Hz) 32 Channels (with digital LED display) DC 7~16V 100mA With DVR build in
  • USD 59.00
  • MyFlyDream Bluetooth
  • Shipping Weight: 20g 51 Units in Stock Manufactured by: MyFlyDream Please choose the correct module to work with Android or iOS device.
  • USD 15.00
  • ExtCable for mini Crossbow
  • ExtCable for mini Crossbow. Connect this cable to the right port of the mini Crossbow to get extended functionality: MAVLink connection, Video Output, CAN-BUS High, CAN-BUS-Low (CAN BUS H/L are used for FlyTogether function)
  • USD 6.00
  • One $ Token
  • Add as many as you need to pa for non-standard orders. Talk to us before doing it. Prices must be agreed upon.
  • USD 1.00
  • GPS for MFDAP/MFD Crosshair
  • M8N GPS module for MFDAP/MFD Crosshair. NMEA protocol @38400bps This unit can lock 15+ satellites easily and quickly.
  • USD 45.00
  • Crosswind PnP Package
  • PnP Package for Crosswind plane. Including: 2820 KV595 Motor x 2 (for 6S) Hobbywing Flyfun 40A ESC with BEC x 2 11x7 Propeller x 2 (CW and CCW) 14AWG sicon wire 40cm x 2 (RED and BLACK) XT60 Connector x 1 Y-Cable x 2
  • USD 138.00
  • MFDLink Receiver
  • MFD Link Receiver Supports Sbus output Shipping Weight: 100g 246 Units in Stock
  • USD 45.00
  • TeleFlyPro
  • Shipping Weight: 50g 431 Units in Stock Manufactured by: MyFlyDream
  • USD 45.00
  • MFD AirSpeed Sensor
  • Shipping Weight: 50g 86 Units in Stock Manufactured by: MyFlyDream
  • USD 20.00
  • GPS for DuoTracking
  • GPS to use with MFD AATDriver. It has been configured to 19200bps/NMEA, and has a 6pin connector to connect to AATDriver. After plug this GPS to AATDriver the AAT system "DuoTracking" function is activated. The tracker knows where it is and will keep tr
  • USD 36.00
  • 10'' IPS Monitor (1920x1200)
  • This is the best monitor we've ever used for FPV 10.1''IPS Monitor (1920x1200) Input Ports: HDMI(1.2), AV, VGA Power: 12V DC Resolution: 1920x1200 brightness: 400cd/m2 Contrast: 800:1 Outline Size: 244*174*30(mm) Screen Size: 217.5*135.5(mm) Weig
  • USD 149.00
  • TILT SERVO for MFD AATTILT SERVO for MFD AAT (as a spare part) Metal gears 13KG.CM Aluminum Top Cover
  • USD 18.00
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