2019-JUN-1st The New mini Crosswind FPV plane is available!

We tested the first sample of Crosswind-Mini plane last week. This 1600mm wingspan FPV platform totally amazed us in its maiden flight.
We have to say it's the best FPV platform we've every tried. It flew perfectly at any speed between 40~115kmph.
At times we flew in Manual mode but it was so stable that some people thought it was in stablizer mode.
This new plane has 2 different nose versions, 2 different belly versions(for belly landing / landing gear) all coming in a standard retail kit.
The new Crosswind Mini will hit the market in mid-late May,2019.
Wingspan: 1600mm
Motors: 2814x2 or 2216x2 (Twin motors setup) or 2820x1 (Front-pulled setup)
Battery: 6S 8000~12000mah
Prop: 8x6~10x6 (max 12inch)
Weight(RTF, without batteries): 1300g
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