• MFD mini Crosswind 1600 Plane
  • New mini Crosswind 1600 Plane. New design for UAV/FPV. Delivered with 2 nose canopies, 2 belly plates. Easy to carry. Get ready to fly in the filed quickly.
  • USD 149.00
  • MFD mini Crossbow AAT
  • MyFlyDream mini Crossbow AAT(Automatic Antenna Tracker) mini Crossbow is a light-weight, robust, new gerneration Antenna Tracker. It supports VBI downlink (supported by MFD AP, MFD Crosshair, TeleFlyPro, TeleFlyTiny...) And Also supports MAVLink V1.0/V
  • USD 169.00
  • MyFlyDream Crossbow AAT
  • MyFlyDream Crossbow AAT Compatible with MFD Crosshair/MFD AP or other any system that supports Mavlink protocol. CAUTION: The antenna and batteries are not including in the package. This Crossbow needs 2 x NP-970 to power it up.
  • USD 1130.00
  • MyFlyDream Laser RangeFinder
  • MyFlyDream Laser RangeFinder for MFD Crosshair AP. MFD Crosshair AP uses this Laser RangeFinder to scan the runway before landing.
  • USD 87.00
  • Landing Gears for mini Crosswind
  • Landing Gears for mini Crosswind. Including: 60mm Rear wheel * 2 Rear landing gear frame * 1 Front Wheel set * 1 17g front-steering servo * 1 Screws/Nuts/Accessories
  • USD 44.00
  • MFD TeleFlyTiny Tracking module
  • MFD TeleFlyTiny Tracking module. This light-weight module encodes necessary information of your plane for tracking purpose. And it transmits the data with your VIDEO signal (VBI technology) or DataRadio (MFD protocol/MAVLink protocol). With this modul
  • USD 39.00
  • MFD Crosswind
  • Shipping Weight: 5700g 97 Units in Stock Manufactured by: MyFlyDream
  • USD 199.00
  • GPS+Compass for mini Crossbow
  • GPS+Compass module for mini Crossbow AAT. Baudrate: 115200bps, connected to the left connector of your mini Crossbow. With this plug-and-play module you don't need to set home position for your mini Crossbow AAT. And you can move your tracker and keep
  • USD 39.00
  • ExtCable for mini Crossbow
  • ExtCable for mini Crossbow. With 3 sockets on this board you can access all the 5pins of the Left or Right port of your miniCrossbow. You can also use this ExtBoard to connect your miniCrossbow to your friend's and use "FlyTogether" feature.
  • USD 2.50
  • GPS+Compass module for Crossbow
  • GPS+Compass module for Crossbow AAT. With this plug-and-play module you don't need to set home position for your Crossbow AAT. And you can move your tracker and keep tracking even when the plane is flying.
  • USD 89.00
  • MFD AutomaticAntennaTracker(12CH) Package V5
  • MyFlyDream 12CH AAT Package TeleFlyPro x 1 AATDriver V5 x 1 MyFlyDream Tracker (12CH) x 1 USB Programmer with cable x 1 *NOTICE: Now we supply USB-Data cable instead of Blutooth moudle for AATDriver.
  • USD 320.00
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