MFD mini Crosswind 1600 Plane
New mini Crosswind 1600 Plane.
New design for UAV/FPV.
Delivered with 2 nose canopies, 2 belly plates.
Easy to carry. Get ready to fly in the filed quickly.
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Wingspan: 1600mm
Length: 1070mm
Wing Area: 33dm2
Net Weight: 940g
AUW: 5000g

You can also choose landing gears designed for mini Crosswind:

We also have the PNP package for this plane:

New mini Crosswind 1600 Plane.
Totally new design for UAV/FPV.
Delivered with 2 nose canopies, 2 belly plates.
Easy to carry. Get ready to fly in the filed quickly.

Note: You need 4 x ES08MD servo to build this plane. 
You can also use 2 servos to drive the elevator.
In this case you need one more ES08MD. (Reverse  version).  (Total need: 4xNormal ES08MD, 1xRev ES08MD)
Or if you are using MFD Crosshair AP which has the ability to dirve 2 ELE-servers in opposite directions. (Total need: 5xNormal ES08MD)

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