• Aomway RX(32 Channels) with DVR
  • Amoway 5.8G RX (5740-5860Hz/5705-5945Hz) 32 Channels (with digital LED display) DC 7~16V 100mA With DVR build in
  • USD 59.00
  • MyFlyDream Bluetooth
  • Shipping Weight: 20g 51 Units in Stock Manufactured by: MyFlyDream Please choose the correct module to work with Android or iOS device.
  • USD 15.00
  • One $ Token
  • Add as many as you need to pa for non-standard orders. Talk to us before doing it. Prices must be agreed upon.
  • USD 1.00
  • MyFlyDream Crossbow AAT
  • MyFlyDream Crossbow AAT Compatible with MFD Crosshair/MFD AP or other any system that supports Mavlink protocol.
  • USD 999.00
  • GPS for MFDAP/MFD Crosshair
  • M8N GPS module for MFDAP/MFD Crosshair. NMEA protocol @38400bps This unit can lock 15+ satellites easily and quickly.
  • USD 45.00
  • Crosswind PnP Package
  • PnP Package for Crosswind plane. Including: 2820 KV595 Motor x 2 (for 6S) Hobbywing Flyfun 40A ESC with BEC x 2 11x7 Propeller x 2 (CW and CCW) 14AWG sicon wire 40cm x 2 (RED and BLACK) XT60 Connector x 1 Y-Cable x 2
  • USD 138.00
  • MFDLink Receiver
  • MFD Link Receiver Supports Sbus output Shipping Weight: 100g 246 Units in Stock
  • USD 45.00
  • TeleFlyPro
  • Shipping Weight: 50g 431 Units in Stock Manufactured by: MyFlyDream
  • USD 45.00
  • MFD AirSpeed Sensor
  • Shipping Weight: 50g 86 Units in Stock Manufactured by: MyFlyDream
  • USD 20.00
  • GPS for DuoTracking
  • GPS to use with MFD AATDriver. It has been configured to 19200bps/NMEA, and has a 6pin connector to connect to AATDriver. After plug this GPS to AATDriver the AAT system "DuoTracking" function is activated. The tracker knows where it is and will keep tr
  • USD 36.00
  • 10'' IPS Monitor (1920x1200)
  • This is the best monitor we've ever used for FPV 10.1''IPS Monitor (1920x1200) Input Ports: HDMI(1.2), AV, VGA Power: 12V DC Resolution: 1920x1200 brightness: 400cd/m2 Contrast: 800:1 Outline Size: 244*174*30(mm) Screen Size: 217.5*135.5(mm) Weig
  • USD 149.00
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